Dosha Balance – module 4

Dosha Balance


The Dosha Balance Training is an interesting training to bring stillness, gentle movement, breath and vibrational medicine to support balance for all three Dosha’s; Vata, Pita, Kapha.

In this 5 day intensive you will explore the following;

– Yourself, others & consciousness

– Find out your own Dosha

– Conscious Breathing

– Breathing for individual Dosha’s

– Restorative poses for each Dosha

– Basic aggravations and how to support each Dosha

– Learn simple, yet productive sequences to Nourish and Activate the energy of each Dosha

– Blanket Origami & Props- Understanding of Blanket folding

– How to use props correctly/How to adjust props

– Postural alignment & Adjustment

– Intutition and reading energy

– Stillness practice- silence, space and depth

– Experience Aromatherapy and how it supports each Dosha

– Experience Flower essences and how it supports each Dosha

– Hormonal/Nervous/Endocrine system benefits

– Benefits & contraindications- emotionally, mentally, physically & ethereally. When to use certain poses & when not too.

– Student respect- boundries for you & the student, how to touch and adjust, and how to read a student’s body/mind to give appropriate poses for their condition.

– Class dialogue- space, awareness and conscious speach

– The Learning model of- receiving, teaching, assisting and observing classes



19th – 23rd June, 2019.

Burleigh Studio, Gold Coast.


35hrs ( plus 8hr case study for Certification)

Note: Can receive CPT points from Yoga Australia



STM Studio, Burleigh Heads Qld.


Module #1 Four Pillars of Stillness

Requirements for Certification

100% attendance of training
8hr Case Study ( STM Certification only)
Teaching of Dosha class within training


Accredited 43hrs Course.

Earlybird $1095 ( paid by April 1st 2018) or Latebird/Payment Plan $1370 ( paid by 1st June, 2018)