Chakra Balance – module 3


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The Chakra Balance Training is a transformative training to bring wisdom of our extraordinary energy system and its profound healing potential. We will explore in ourselves & others the depths of this subtle system, and how it communicates with the life force flowing within it, to our body/mind connection and with the divine. We will see how the Charkas reflect in our physical, mental, emotional and ethereal bodies. Through gentle restorative movement, breath, vibrational medicine, crystals and sacred ritual we will be given the opportunity to receive the healing and rejuvenating benefits of Chakra Balance.

In this 7 day intensive you will explore the following;

– Yourself, others & consciousness

– Balance your own Chakra’s

– Chakra Breathing

– Identify over-active chakra’s and under-active chakra’s

– Restorative poses for each of the 7 Chakra’s

– Understanding the Shadow and Light sides of each chakra

– Learn how to Nourish and Activate the energy of each Chakra

– Tea & Cleansing rituals for the Chakra’s

– Chakra Crystals

– Chakra Mudra’s

– Chakra Sound Mantra’s

– Blanket Origami & Props- Understanding of Blanket folding

– How to use props correctly/How to adjust props

– Postural alignment & Adjustment

– Intutition and reading energy

– Stillness practice- silence, space and depth

– Experience Aromatherapy and how it supports each Chakra

– Experience Flower essences and how it supports the Chakra’s

– Benefits & contraindications- emotionally, mentally, physically & ethereally. When to use certain poses & when not too.

– Student respect- boundries for you & the student, how to touch and adjust, and how to read a student’s body/mind to give appropriate poses for their condition.

– Class dialogue- space, awareness and conscious speach

– The Learning model of- receiving, teaching, assisting and observing classes




14th – 20th Oct, 2019


49hrs ( plus 8hr case study for Certification)

Note: Can receive CPT points from Yoga Australia


STM Studio, Burleigh Heads Qld.


Module #1 Four Pillars of Stillness

Requirements for Certification

100% attendance of training
8hr Case Study (STM Certification only)
Teaching of Chakra class within training


Accredited 57hrs Course, materials & Chakra Balance Manual.

Early-bird $1490 ( paid by 1st July, 2018) or Late-bird $1690 ( paid by 1st Oct, 2018).

For enquires or to book please email