Work with Tracy


STM Therapy, Dharma & Gestalt Therapy

This session assists you in connecting to your heart’s true connection, aligning you with your essential self, cleansing & grounding your energy into the here & now. With the support of Dharma ( wisdom teachings) Gestalt (present awareness therapy) we can help unlock parts of you that may feel stuck in a certain situation, pattern, filter or trauma.

Tracy is the founder of STM and brings over 20yrs experience in Intuitive Healing, STM Therapy, Reiki, Energy healing, Breathing Techniques, Dharma & Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Meridian Therapy, Shell Essences, Acupressure and Aromatherapy. Tracy works with you, listening to your body’s inner pulse, giving your body what it needs to support itself back to its natural connection of ease, flow and balance.

$130, 60mins. $180, 90min. $250, 120min.

Pension or Student Concession- $105, 60mins. $150, 90mins.



Feminine(shakti)Embodiment Sessions

Shakti (feminine energy) needs a loving, supportive space to unravel safely. 
These sessions have come from a lifetime of embodying, growing and continually integrating her wisdom. This sacred space has been created for you to connect deeply with your own natural feminine rhythms. 
To be Real, Raw and Uncensored. 
Shakti has many seasons as she journey’s through life and at times her rhythm can become disturbed and stuck. These disturbances ( blocked chi/lifeforce) can hinder the natural flow of puberty, menstruation, preconception, pregnancy, menopause and post menopausal woman.
In these sessions I’ll share my intimate connections with shakti, my womanly gifts and channelled wisdom. Along with the experience of supporting woman through her seasons for the past 15years, the birth of my own 3 children, and 20 years of study into the feminine embodiment practices that I swear by!
I look forward to journeying with you through the wild, the sacred, the tears, the intimacy and the deliciousness of what it means to be an abundant and complete divine woman! 
Sessions are tailored to your own unique Feminine Flow….
– Feminine (Shakti) energy balance
– Pre-conception ( fertility) healing
– Pregnancy, birth and post natal coaching
– Womb healing and massage
– Apana, Shakti and Ovarian Breathing
– Yoni mapping
– Womb and yoni steams
– Womb/moon cycle rituals
– Pre-peri-menopause, peri- menopause and menopause support
– Menstruation balance
– Uttari Vasti
– Yoni healing
– Shakti wisdom
– Moon cycle wisdom
– Feminine (shakti) embodiment practices to support feminine balance through all seasons of your cycle.
The sessions can be 1.5hr ($180) 2hr ($250) or 3 hr ($360) sessions.