Unwind & Nourish

This class is designed to “Unwind” the tension and busyness from your nervous system, and surrender into the stillness of this moment.

You have the opportunity with this class to deeply let go through the body and mind, experiencing a softness in the body and a calmness in the mind, through balancing your “Dosha”.

For us to truly ‘Nourish’ we must ‘Unwind’ first. Once we have nourished we can then connect to ourselves and the stillness within. We become one with life and return home to our true nature.

With the use of aromatherapy, calm breathing, Stillness through Movement(Restorative Movement), Reiki Healing and an extra-long Savasana (relaxation pose) at the end, you will leave feeling restored and balanced.

TIME ~ 2pm – 4pm

WHEN ~  2nd July


COST $50