Understanding Anxiety

Learn invaluable tools to support you through Anxiety and Stress;

  • release the control that anxiety has over you
  • breath with ease and feel the natural flow of your breath
  • unlock the the tightness or sick feeling in the solar plexus and intercostal muscles
  • clear the chi blocks along the meridian lines to release the symptoms of anxiety
  • understand how you feed anxiety
  • learn how to deeply relax the movements of the body and mind through sitting meditation and restorative postures
  • enjoy the calming effects of  vibrational medicine-Aroamtherapy, Shell essences and herbal tea


12.30pm – 5.30pm


24th February

What’s included

Talk on how to understand how anxiety is playing out in you, Energy Balance session, STM restorative session, sitting mediation and afternoon tea to support calming the nervous system.

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