Private Sessions with Tracy

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STM Therapy, Dharma & Gestalt Therapy

This session assists you in connecting to your heart’s true connection, aligning you with your essential self, cleansing & grounding your energy into the here & now. With the support of Dharma ( wisdom teachings) Gestalt (present awareness therapy) we can help unlock parts of you that may feel stuck in a certain situation, pattern, filter or trauma.

Tracy brings over 20yrs experience in intuitive reading, STM Therapy, Reiki and Energy healing. With the support of breathing techniques, Dharma & Gestalt Therapy, Energy Balance, Somatic Meridian Therapy, flower essences, accupressure and aromatherapy, we work towards the natural connection of ease, clarity and balance.

$120, 60mins. $175, 90min. $225, 120min.

Pension or Student Concession- $95, 60mins. $130, 90mins.