Teacher Training (STM)



The complete ‘Stillness through Movement’ training consists of;

  • 5 modules- Four Pillars of Stillness (28hrs), Deep Rest (64hrs), Feminine Balance (43hrs), Chakra Balance (57hrs) and Dosha Balance (43hrs) Total hours of 235hrs.
  • Asana (poses of STM)
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Apana, Ovarian, Shakti, Chakra, Dosha and Adrenal breathing
  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Conscious awareness exercises in movement, breath and stillness
  • Meditation- training the mind in openness and kindness
  • Vibrational Medicine- Aromatherapy and Flower Essences
  • Stillness Practice
  • Intuitive Reading Therapy

The training is done in intensive blocks, for accessible learning for all- 9.30am to 5.30pm each day with a 1 hour lunch break in the middle of the day.

The technique helps restore the body/Mind connection. Stillness through movement is a process where one learns to align with ones true nature consciousness/intelligence.Through Breath and Mind Awareness one is able to let go deeply allowing themselves to receive the benefits of the restorative pose, bringing the body/mind back to its natural state of peace and contentment.Without this awareness one lives in a permanent state of unease,so when you practice in this way we begin to align with the ease of life.

The parasympathetic nervous system is activated during restorative yoga. The PNS is responsible for balancing the body and bringing its response system back into equilibrium. STM takes the spine and nervous system out of the “Flight, Fight OR freeze’ response, relaxing and calming the adrenals. This training will teach you and your students how to truly relax, restore and rejuvenate!

Danette’s experience of Four Pillars of Stillness Module;

Tracy’s Four Pillars of Stillness teacher training was a rewarding experience for me both as a Yoga Teacher being trained and in the receiving of such a beautiful practice during our classes. Her teachings were delivered with warmth, compassion, humour, and with a level of expertise that could only come from someone who has themselves developed such a harmonising and deeply restful sequence. A supportive and safe space was created for everyone and I absolutely loved it. An opportunity to learn, unwind, be nurtured and rest – pure bliss! I look forward to doing further teacher training with Tracy. – Dannette O’Brien

Carey Semple’s experience of Feminine Balance Module;

The entire Feminine Balance training was a complete revelation for me. I did not realise the extent of my disconnection from Shakti. This realisation offered so much insight into my thought patterns, habits and behaviours. Tracy, you totally altered my perception of the female cycle as a thing to be revered in terms of the opportunities it offers us. The course is, at all times, learning, growth and expansion in all realms – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

From a starting point of physical discomfort and emotional contraction I was transformed by the practices, the spiritual teachings, the energy created by strong and encouraging women and by your lightworking Tracy, to experience such a deep release I never would have thought possible. Finding Shakti contained within enabled a veritable unleashing of frustration, despair, grief and sorrow to flow through and from me.
What remained was a feeling of lightness, clarity and tenderness towards myself.

A woman’s gift to herself and womankind should be to become intimately knowledgable of her body and her cycle. This course and the practices within facilitate this process on a daily and routine life basis.
To give the time to truly awaken our divine feminine and compassionately observe all the bodily functions and mysteries embodied within us is a gift.
To create a well of love, trust and respect for ourselves is a gift.
To recognise our strength and our courage is a gift.
To unlock and let go of all that restricts us from emanating our divine feminine is a gift.
To fully step into the power of Shakti, the divine essence that heals and guides us towards our higher self is a true gift.

For anyone thinking of doing this course – I urge you to. If only to begin to understand how our moon cycle can feel. But to also discover and connect to the divine feminine essence that is every woman’s birthright.

I loved and totally resonated with:
The daily Heart Pranayama, Heart Sound and opening meditations
The sharing of the 3G’s within the group (so much learning and obtaining of insught into ourselves, our thoughts and our habits)
The opportunity to experience all aspects of the practices through teaching, observing, assisting and receiving really is the best way to learn and grow
The cocooning atmosphere of the physical STM space – such an inspirational and energy filled room
Sharing the space with like-minded and open-hearted, empathetic women
The sharing of your dharma and wisdom, your relatable stories of home life with your own husband and girls
The quiet, end of day wind down
I found the vocalisation element to be incredibly powerful
The way each of the poses work on such a subtle level is incredible and mystifying at the same time;-)
The two sequences (Nourishing Apana and Activating Apana) – such a beautiful and natural way to align with the lunar cycle and honour our bodies; heart, mind and soul

I only wish it could have lasted longer and iI were able to access this space more regularly. My experience has served to strengthen my will and desire to create a similar space here on the Surf Coast in Victoria in which others can also explore and discover themselves and Shakti.

I thank you Tracy, for your connection with the divine and the creation of all that is “Stillness Through Movement”. – Carey Semple

The Basic outline of Stillness through Movement training…



(Inclusive of workshop and case study hours)




No previous experience needed

Requirements for Certification

  • 100% attendance of  5 training modules
  • Completion of all assignments & case study hours


Includes all Modules listed above



On Completion of the training, you will be accredited as a Stillness through Movement teacher. You’ll get your name listed with STM & IICT as a recognised STM Teacher. Registration renewal requires either 20 hrs for 1 year or 40hrs for 2 years to refresh your skills of STM and keep the accreditation current. These hours can be made up of attending, assisting trainings or Professional development days.

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To Apply

Please call or email us at 0413 940 532 or info@stmt.com.au


Tracy & STM Team