Four Pillars of Stillness – 35hrs Module 1 Online Teacher Training


Stillness is the KEY ingredient of a class or practise of restorative movement. For us to truly hold the space for others and to heal on this deep level, we must first get to know the stillness, feel the stillness, and become one with this stillness- within ourselves first.

It is then, that we see real healing take place. We are being witness to this deeply unique sequence, that helps to rehabilitate, rejuvenate, regulate, restore and renew the endocrine system and nervous system.

The course content for this online module

– Learn the sequence for a 1.5hr Class, Private or Semi Private sessions

– Apana Breathing

– Restorative poses

– Blanket Origami & Props- Understanding of Blanket folding

– How to use props correctly/How to adjust props

– Postural alignment & Adjustment

– Stillness practice- silence, space and depth

– Benefits & contraindications- emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually. When to use certain poses & when not to.

– Student respect- boundaries for you & the student, how to touch and adjust, and how to read a student’s body/mind to give appropriate modification of poses for their condition.

– Teach Stillness classes and participate in Stillness classes

    – Spiritual, personal awareness and self-nurture

–      Aromatherapy to support practice

–      Shell essences to support stillness practice

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my training with you in the beautiful environment you have created. Your love for what you do and your compassion for your students radiates out of you and creates a wonderfully nurturing atmosphere which is calming and safe.’ – Margo Hutchison 

 Who is it for?

This module is the 1st module of STM Level 1 Teacher Training. This 1st module of this level 1 course is open to everyone with the commitment to embark on a personal journey of self growth and awareness, including:

– Students with the desire to become STM teachers and complete the Level 1 STM Teacher Training requirements

– Students who do not wish to become STM teachers but have a genuine interest in the subject matter and want to deepen their own knowledge and understanding of STM and their spiritual Self.

This module is the beginning of a life-changing journey both for those who wish to teach STM as a career and for those who are ready to start the quest into their own personal journey of self-realisation.

For all students, this training provides an incredible opportunity to come to know yourself , to connect with your pure nature, and to learn new tools and skills that will allow you to move through life with greater peace and ease.

Our 1st module of Level 1 Online STM TT 100hr Course is particularly convenient for students with time or money constraints that won’t allow them to travel for 4 -9 day intensives. With this option, you can begin your training from the comfort of your own home, with the convenience of completing the entire Level 1 course over 12-months.

Work at Your Own Pace

STM Online Teacher Training is completely flexible. Because you study at your own pace, you make the decision when to begin and end your course.

Time Frame: your time frame

Duration: Up to 6 Months

Studying Hours: 35 hours

Stillness Through Movement is all about supporting you and your needs in life, therefore we allow you to go over your 6 month time-frame if you need to, we understand how life situations can get in the way.


What You Get For Your Investment

~ STM Four Pillars of Stillness Audio class.
~ STM Four Pillars of Stillness demonstrative video of founder teacher Tracy Whitton.
~ STM Four Pillars of Stillness manual
~ STM Four Pillars of Stillness workbook & supporting notes.
~ Two 2 hour FaceTime sessions with one of STM’s senior teachers. During this time the teacher will assist you to develop your own practice, prop support and placement and Student Ailment Scenarios. The teacher will be able to answer anything for you during these sessions.

~ Sounds From the Heart CD/Audio~ Optional Extra of adding an extra FaceTime session with founder teacher Tracy Whitton~ An opening into the world of therapeutic practices of peace and stillness!

 Assessments, Tasks and Audio/Video Requirements

In order to pass this 1st Module of STM Level 1 TT course you will need to complete the following:

This module contains a workbook and manual with questions/checklists/ Reflection Journal, that you will need to complete

Video to watch and complete tasks

Email a journal of your Restorative practice, Stillness meditations and Apana Breathing Practice.

Audio class to listen to and practice your teaching in a class at home or in a studio.

Teaching and Certification

Upon completing this 1st Module you will be able to teach to friends and family, however you will need to complete Module 2 to be a Certified Level 1 Teacher of STM and meet the requirements of STM, International Institute of Complementary Therapies and their insurers.

Your Investment

Module 1 of STM Level 1 TT Online  is only AUD $465  (includes Gst)

We assure you that you will finish this module with more awareness, knowledge, stillness and a deeper connection with love, compassion and warmth to self and others!

 Secure My Place Now

Option 1: Module 1

Investment of AUD $465

Option 2: Module 1 with extra FaceTime session with Tracy Whitton

Investment of AUD $595

If you have any questions at all or are ready to secure your place please email or phone 0413 940 532 Tracy or one of the Team.


What Others Have Had To Say

Tracy is an open hearted, intuitive teacher, who instills such grace and virtue in all that she does. The skills she has taught me in “The Four Pillars Of Stillness”, has helped me to live each moment, more connected to my inner truth. I now feel more free and happier and have never felt so safe in being who I am. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, thank you for teaching from your heart and thank you for making such a spiritual impact on my life. With love and gratitude- Susie Ward