Energy Healing Therapy- Module 7

Energy Healing Therapy Module # 7

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To heal, nurture, trust and be liberated in the sacred circle of light- honouring yourself, your truth and alignment to the eternal oneness. To come together and share, unite and be blessed in this safe & sacred space. To awaken to your divine inner purpose with peace, light and ease. To bring the light into you, lift your vibration of light energy and to help others if you choose.

This Module is a Spiritual mentorship, connecting with Tracy privately and in small group sessions. We work out a package tailored to best suit your spiritual growth.  Throughout your Spiritual mentorship there are workshops held in a small group of 6.

Energy Healing Therapies Course Schedule 2018

Workshop Subject Date Venue
 Workshop 1

Grounding Energy

Stillness Meditation

Spiritual Studies- Dharma

Intuitive reading

Intuitive Art therapy

Meridian Lines

25th , 26th & 27th March, 2019.

9.30am – 4.30pm


Burleigh Studio
Workshop 2

Energy Balance Initiation

Energy Balance Sequence 1

Spiritual Studies- dharma

Healing Practical

20th, 21st & 22nd May, 2019.

9.30am   – 4.30pm


Burleigh Studio
Workshop 3

Moon Energy for Healings

Energy Balance sequence 2

Vibrational Medicine- oils &  

Chakra’s, Chakra chimes, shell essences

Crystal, herb, Shell and moon essences.

Healing Rituals

Healing Practical

Stillness meditation


5th – 8th August, 2019

9.30am – 4.30pm


Burleigh Studio
Energy Healing Retreat

Deity Initiation and Blessing

16th – 20th  Sept, 2019

x 3 Deluxe with view $2495,

x1 Spacious no view $2295

x2 Basic $1995

All single rooms


Eagles Nest, Mullumbimby

Course Fees & Hours- 130hrs (for certification)

~ Subject hours- 55hrs ( x2 $695 &  x1 $995 per workshop)

~ Retreat Hours- 35hrs (see prices above)

~ 3 Energy Balance Healing sessions- 5hrs (PAYG)

~ 2 Ritual Healing sessions- 5hrs (PAYG)

~ 10 Private energy Healings with Tracy ( PAYG)

~ 10hrs of Energy healing clients- 10hrs

~ 10hrs of Group Healing Practical- 10hrs

To receive your Certificate in level 1 & 2 of ‘Energy Healing Therapy’ you will need to complete all 130 hrs.

All subjects look at supporting the natural flow of chi (energy) through the physical, emotional, mental, ethereal and spiritual bodies. Releasing the blocked chi allows reconnection to the ever flowing energy of life. Dancing, uniting and connecting with the beauty of the divinity within.


May the light of the divine balance & awaken you to the equanimity of the physical form and spiritual light- seeing, feeling and being your true nature’s essence.


STM Level 1


1A/15 Leda Drive

Burleigh, Qld 4220 Australia

Retreat Venue

Eagles Nest, Mullumbimby Hinterland.

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March 2019.

No matter where you are in the world this training can be modified to suit you. However you would need to attend the 3 workshops and retreat throughout the year.

To apply email Tracy at

Conditions do apply for this module.

Approved Training Stamp

All our graduates will be eligible for complete practitioners insurance & membership with IICT .

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‘May we receive the light into our hearts and be blessed with healing hands to share with others’

Tracy whitton