Deep Rest Retreat – ‘ Space to awaken the peace within’  –

  • Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama breathing
  • Qi gong and walking meditation
  • Space for yourself
  • Rest, restore and renew.
  • Learn simple tools to use in our daily life, to help us with stress, Adrenal Burnout and exhaustion.
  • Help regulate hormonal imbalance, Pms, Menopause and Insomnia, Depression and Anxiety.
  • Replenish reproductive organs, to help prepare for pregnancy
  • Rejuvenating massage, 5 Elements with Neal or Reiki
  • Delicious organic vegetarian meals
  • Based on Tracy’s Stillness through Movement book
  • ‘May we let go of thought, to hear the wisdom of the heart, to rest deeply in the stillness of this moment here, now’.
  • ‘ I have found that over the many years of doing yoga and meditation, that going on retreat is the best way of deepening your practice of awareness and rejuvenating and
  • restoring balance within the body/mind. It allows one to “BE” without the distraction of the external world, to align with life itself.
  • You’ll leave refreshed, centered and most of all a deeper understanding of yourself’-
  • Tracy Whitton- Director of Restorative Yoga Australia & Founder of Stillness through Movement Yoga
  • * All workshops are held at Burleigh or for 4 & 5 day Retreats at Byron Bay, unless otherwise stated.