Is Karma a bitch or a blessing?

12th August

9.30am - 4pm

unit 1a/15a Leda Drive, Burleigh.


How can I learn from my Karma?
A day of Dharma, reflection and meditation.
12th August | 9.30am – 4pm | $110
What the day involves;
A day like this offers us wisdom to work with our day to day pain & emotions, to calm our busy mind and to bring Inner Peace.
• Discourse- Is karma really a bitch or a blessing?
How to stabilise the mind, live from our heart and feel into fear, change & discomfort.
• Stillness Meditation
• Relaxation
• Learn valuable wisdom to stabilise the mind and bring warmth and ease to your heart
Includes Afternoon Tea. Bring your own lunch. No experience needed.
‘Unless you learn to face your shadows inside you, you will only continue to see them in others and the world around you, as the world outside you is only a reflection of what is inside you’
What you are seeing, thinking, feeling and acting now is the karma of yesterday. Apply the Dharma today, Change your Karma tomorrow!
5 Class Deal- $50