About Tracy Whitton

About Tracy Whitton

Tracy Whitton is the founder of STM Stillness through Movement and a practitioner of restorative yoga, mind and breath awareness, meditation teacher and a feminine embodiment therapist.

She has had a love and devotion of Spiritual, Meditative, Ancient tantric Rituals and Yoga practices for over 25yrs. Tracy took on formal study and practise of Meditation in 2003 with firstly Ramesh S.Balsekar, then Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, the Kadampa Meditation Australia- lineage of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and Buddhist Nun Pema Chodron. They have all influenced and guided her own practise and teaching to what it is today. It was the blessing of these teachings that opened Tracy to her true nature.

It was after attending a week long silent retreat in 2003, that it became clear the path she would take to help others. It was not long after that, that she started classes in the teaching of meditation and awareness of the mind.

In 2006 Tracy underwent a powerful transition that led her deeper into mind and conscious awareness. The changes were so profound that life as it was could no longer be the same, as a deeper awareness arrived. This is where STM was born, ‘Stillness through Movement’.

Stillness through movement is a process where one learns to align with their true nature- consciousness/intelligence. Through breath and mind awareness one is able to let go deeply, allowing themselves to receive the benefits of the restorative pose, bringing the body/mind back to its natural state of peace and equanimity. Tracy says,‘Practising in this way we begin to align with the ease of life, without this awareness one lives in a permanent state of resistance and unease’.

In 2007 Tracy began more formal studies of yoga training with My Health Yoga School and graduated in August 2008. Tracy learnt from other teachers that have greatly influenced her own practise and the way she teaches and they are; Judith Hanson Lasater, Mark Togni, Cameron Storey and Kathy Mason. She has studied the teachings of BKS Iyengar and from 2006-2014 has studied the restorative asana practise through Judith Hanson Lasater. Tracy has studied the ancient Feminine Arts of Tantra through numerous teachers for the past 15years, which has included the practices of; Jade egg, esoteric womb massage and rituals, vagina and womb steams, prenatal, birth and post natal doula, feminine flow movement and feminine rituals for all the seasons of a woman.

Tracy facilitates workshops, retreats and seminars. She teaches Restorative classes and Private Meditation sessions at two of the leading retreats in Australia ‘The Golden Door’ and ‘Gwinganna’. Tracy is the founder of Stillness through Movement and Balanced Birthing. She runs teacher training for STM and mentorships for feminine practices on the Gold Coast, Australia.

She has produced two Cd’s, 2 Books- STM- Restorative Yoga for Stress related Conditions, The Four Pillars of Stillness and a Meditation Journal. Cds- One with Life ‘Meditation and Pranayama Made Easy’ and Sounds from the Heart.

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